Monday, June 9

Just Ramblin, No 1: General Miscellany

Bush-whacked. I learned on the news this morning that Bush had launched his farewell tour. President Bush is going to try to solidy relationships with the countries he visits, press for more support in Afghanistan, and insist that Iran is a problem. You know, Iran might very well be a problem because of its uranium enrichment. But who in the world is going to listen to President Bush express concern about the dangers of Iran given the debacle of our handling of Iraq. We may never know the real story about the intelligence we did or didn't have and how decisions were made, but in the aftermath of Iraq, I fear it will be a long while--and not just 7 months because the new president will have to prove himself--before the Americans have much credibility about potential threats in certain areas.

Marriage notes.
I also learned this morning--it was an exhausting drive to work today--that living together is becoming increasingly acceptable as an alternative to marriage. Apparently the US is the most marrying country of those studied in the the National Marriage Project. So here's a weird point: for a nation that's supposed to be as advanced as we are, we are amazingly behind in many things, but is that good or bad? I'll think on that for a bit, but my point about the whole marriage thing is that the timing is no small irony. Just earlier this month the California Supreme Court determined there should be no barrier to same-sex marriage. Gay couples who have lived together for years, some for a decade or two, can now--at least until November--marry legally effective June 16.

Just after the California Supreme Court made its ruling, a measure was certified for the November election that would allow voters to define marriage as a heterosexual activity only. Except the heteros don't seem to be so keen on marriage any more. So you know the arguments are going to be drawn along religious lines and this is just going to get uglier than it has been.

That reminds me that I've just started reading Dan Merchant's Lord, Save Us from Your Followers: Why is the Gospel of Love Dividing America? Like Rob Bell in Velvet Elvis, the author dares to ask questions that will undoubtedly tick off a lot of so-called evangelicals. As an evangelical I'd like to say this to the ticked off evangelicals: Good. Be ticked off, but stop simply reacting and think about what you're saying and what you're doing. But more on that later.

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