Wednesday, June 18

Just Ramblin, No 4: Basketball and Vespa

In what promised to be a really amazing fight to the finish, the Lakers went out with a whimper. The Celtics dominated them from the beginning, subdued, overwhelmed them, just flat out outplayed them. It had to have been rockin' in the Garden, the air charged with energy, excitment, and delirium of the win, but it was painful to watch. But that win is a testimony to the heart and passion of that team, and especially to Kevin Garnett. You might want to check out Adrian Wojnarowski's article on Garnett.

It's scooter time
I bought a Vespa GTS 250 last year. Loved riding it. Today was the first day I was able to ride it to work. I've taken it out to run errands a few times since we started closing in on something like spring or summer, but with so much rain and/or unpredictable weather, and not being that experienced a rider, I decided to wait for the inaugural work ride when I knew I'd have clear weather all day long. It was in the mid 60s when I left the house this morning; one of those clear, bright blue sky days. Perfect. Of course, if I could be putting a few miles on my road bike on a day like today, that would be even better. But there is this work thing. Ah well, to glorious days and the privilege to enjoy them!

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