Saturday, October 4

Edonis Project

Explore the edonis project ning an international teachmeet opportunity. As David Noble states in the Ning, edonis (educators online impact study) will run for at least three years, identifying, for example:
  • trends in educators’ use of Web 2.0 tools
  • impact on teaching and learning, and professional development
  • good practice
  • implications for the learning sector and government

Ning participants' involvement means replying to some questions, completing an occasional survey, participating in occasional online discussions, and more.

Quoting now, David says "The study will form part of my doctoral thesis, provisionally titled, 'Educators’ use of the social web to support teaching and learning, and professional development.' Your participation will be recognised within the published thesis and with a yearly Professional Development (CPD/PD) certificate. At each stage of the study, you will be able to choose to annonymise your contribution."

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