Wednesday, December 3

What I believe about all students

I read Vicki Davis' blog who wrote about Martha Thornburgh of Opening Doors to Digital Learning who was asked the question “Do you believe all students can meet standards?” Please read about her response on her blog. The “All Students Meme” came about as a result.

1. Share three things that you believe about all students.
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All Students Meme

When I think about students, I think about both college students--undergraduate and graduate--as well as K-12 students. I teach undergraduates, I develop content for graduate students who then work with K-12 students.

1. I believe that all students can achieve more than we imagine when we give them the opportunity, skills, and resources to reach as far as they are able and want. Even if we can't give them access to the latest and greatest resources, we can give the strategies and tools. We can instill confidence in their abilities to pursue their interests and coach them to find their way through those areas of education that might not excite or interest them as much.
2. I believe that all students are willing and able to work provide we give them reason or at least rationale, that we not irritate them with busywork, that we give them constructive criticism that enables them to improve and see the purpose of their learning experience.
3. I think all students tap into our passion as well as our discontent. They know we're bored by teaching something; they know when we are excited and interested in our subject and feel confident about our lessons. While I don't think we should try to mask our own disinterest by trying to create "fun" activities and while I don't think education should be entertainment, I do believe there is lots of room for kids and teachers to enjoy their learning and teaching and for kids to have legitimate fun while they are learning. But I also believe that students should be enabled and allowed to find their own joy in their learning experiences. If a student makes a discovery that moves them, energizes them, causes them more wonder, I should encourage that and help them find additional avenues for exploration and learning. Even if what has charged them moves me not at all. Because I believe it is not at all about me, but about the students and their learning.