Monday, January 26

The Blagojevich Chronicles

Someone is going to make a movie out of this because it's just too insane. Today, January 26, the Illinois Senate embarked on impeachment proceedings to move Governor Rod Blagojevich from office. Those of us in the state of Illinois have been enduring his antics for far too long, but recently he's gone for embarrassingly comical to just plain pathetic.

Our poetry-quoting governor made the rounds of talk shows today. He claimed he was thinking about asking Oprah to fill the former Senator Obama's seat. The guv was on The View, Good Morning America, and Larry King. I wish I'd thought to tape each of them; I think they would have made for great entertainment.

He has completely misrepresented the impeachment process and has offered an incredibly delusional perspective of himself. But then he's hired the same PR firm that Drew Peterson is using, so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised. He has compared his life to a Frank Capra film and compared himself to Gandhi, Mandela, and Martin Luther King, Jr. He imagines that he is the victim of some conspiracy by the Illinois Senate and that somehow the state government is thwarting the will of the 12 million people who elected him. Except, of course, not all 12 million people voted for him and his approval rating was around 7% in December 2008.

I guess I'm not surprised he has taken his show on the road. Nothing like garnering a national audience in anticipation of his federal trial, the book option, and the made-for-TV movie that will inevitably follow.

I suppose the good news is that soon we will be rid of Governor Blagojevich. We'll have to spend a fortune replacing signs on the highways he insisted be put up. The signs are part of the open road tollway and have his name on them, a tribute to himself from himself. There was some resistance because typically governors don't have their names on such things, but he managed to insist. Probably so he'd have some sort of revenge on the people once we kicked his a$$ out of office.

Personally I'm looking forward to enjoying Blagojevich's descent into obscurity, but eyes are beginning to focus on our Lieutenant Governor, Pat Quinn. No doubt he's already packing and preparing to move to the governor's mansion. I only hope, for his sake, especially as a democrat, that he's taken note of the Obama model of transparency. If Quinn hopes to serve his own term as governor, he'd be planning to implement an incredibly transparent form of government with a solid inclination to cleaning up state government. And Quinn should start with the governor's office.

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