Tuesday, July 6

On Vacations

I'm on vacation and yet for the past 3 hours I've been working. Yes, I'm something of a workaholic although I've reduced that addiction a bit as I've gotten older. It just seems that with certain rank comes not only privilege, but responsibility so sometimes work just has to be done. Of course, being more connected doesn't help because with connectivity possibilities comes a certain expectation, methinks, from a variety of people. Then there's guilt, but that may be my own personal predilection.

I'd like to blame the Internet, but that's not really fair because I've been working on vacations even when I've not had Internet access. Right now I'm in a location with erratic cell phone service, but I can get to the Internet from a variety of locations, so I'm accessible and have access.

I used to think that schlepping a bagful of articles and books, all related somehow to my work, wasn't really work but a sort of professional development. But that's really kind of work. Just for the record, I've not yet touched that bag of stuff that I really do want to read because I'm trying to finish the P.D. James novel I started (The Private Patient) but after a day of hiking or biking, I'm just a bit too weary to read more than a few pages.

e-entry after vacation is hard enough as it is. I already make sure I have a buffer day between return and work, and not just so I can go to the grocery store and get laundry done. But it's that transition time from a different pace and energy.

The truth of the matter, though, is that I like working or checking in with work while on vacation. Then I've got a fairly clear picture of what's going on while I'm gone, I don't have to worry about brush fires erupting into difficult conflagrations, and I'm not dizzied by the sheer onslaught of emails if I manage to keep them in check.

And so, back to my regularly scheduled vacation.

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