Monday, January 2

One day at a time

'Tis the season of reflection and resolution.  The beginning of a new year is flavored with anticipation and hopefulness.  As well it should be.

Though it's marked by the change of a number, by a new calendar on the wall, by celebrations of many kinds (and styles and decibels), we routinely acknowledge that January 1 somehow offers a reset for attitudes, expectations, intentions, and more.  It is the Grand Reset.  And that's a good thing.  January 1 gives us hope that we have yet opportunity to change, to make improvements, to make restitution.  If we have somehow failed to make giant steps in the "right" direction by January 2, some of us have a tendency to think we have failed completely.  And that gives us an excuse to give up, to make more excuses about our conditions or situations or behaviors.

But change is hard.  Change takes time.  And as many self-help gurus tell us, we often try to change too much at one time.

I don't know if there is one thing more than any other that is important for successful change.  Attitude?  Perseverance?  Discipline?  Optimism?  I think we can learn a lot from failure including how to handle failure.

My list hasn't much changed since the clocked ticked to just past midnight on January 1.  There is nothing earth-shattering I want to accomplish in 2012 that's much different from what I wanted to do in 2011.  But having tried and failed a few times in 2011, I have a much better idea of what I really want to change and I'm getting a much clearer idea of how to go about those changes.

So here's to you and yours: that your 2012 is marked by incremental success, by learning through doing and perhaps a few failed attempts, by joy in your successes, and by determination that you will keep trying to grow. . .one day at a time.

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