Friday, March 23

The Hunger Games

Let's start with this: The Hunger Games "grossed a truly staggering $19.7 million from midnight showings across the country — the highest midnight total ever for a non-sequel, and the seventh highest midnight total ever (behind three Harry Potters and three Twilights)."  Yes, those who have read the books and those who have heard about the stories were definitely hungry for The Hunger Games.  And I was at one of those theaters.

And even the critics liked it.

 Some observations:
  • Unlike the Harry Potter movies, the majority of the audience were tweens and teens
  • Like the Harry Potter movies, it was important to get to the theater at least 45 mins before show time, even when that show time was 12:01A
  • Unlike many of the Harry Potter movies, we saw no costumes though The Hunger Games invites them
  • When the trailer for Breaking Dawn - Part 2 was shown, there was barely a ripple of interest from the audience; I've read the books (meh) and fast forwarded through most of the first movie which is the only one of the movies I'll bother to see
  • Jennifer Lawrence did a great job; it's an interesting role of contradictions.  I wasn't sure Josh Hutcherson was a great choice for Peeta, but seeing him in action changed my mind.
  • Stanley Tucci.  Enough said.
  • Donald Sutherland.  I can hardly wait to see him in the next movies as the diabolical President Snow.
  • The hand-held camera look and feel is a bit hard to take at first, but makes sense.
  • At some points I was irritated I couldn't tell what was going on but then I remembered so much of the action is violence and decided the style of shooting that helped me feel like part of the action without seeing the violence was pretty cool.  I don't need to see that violence any more than the kids do.
  • I think the screenwriters made some good choices; I can't imagine how hard it is to translate a book like this to a movie.
  • A couple of times the girls behind me said, "That's just how I imagined."  Those would be sweet words for a writer and a screenwriter.
  • After seeing this movie, TV producers should be shamed into halting so-called reality shows and the TV-viewing public should be shamed into stopping watching them. . . except for Chopped and The Amazing Race, of course.  ;)  While the people of Panem "get to" watch the Games all day long, our shows are limited to an hour so that means production teams have to edit which means they, like the Gamemaker, can create drama.  I suppose current production teams' masters are only slightly less diabolical than President Snow, but based on the interviews of chefs who participated in a recent Top Chef show, I'm not so sure.  I can only imagine the machinations that occur for a show like Survivor (never watched it) or the ridiculous time vacuums like The Bachelor and its counterpart, which I've also never watched.
  • Watching the movie at the midnight show was fun, but having to go home, shower, pack, and then head to the airport for a 6A flight and on Spring Break Friday takes a special kind of stupidity.  But it was still fun and I'd do it again!

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