Tuesday, June 5

It really isn't what it is

I've come to dislike the phrase "It is what it is" with an intensity bordering on loathing.  Actually, I may have crossed over to loathing.

Why do I despise this phrase?  It exudes an absence of responsibility, a sense of helplessness.

Just for kicks I did a Google search because, well, one must Google any more to get the lay of the urban land.  Lo and behold, this phrase has a few entries in the Urban DictionaryThe examples only reinforce the attitudinal malaise that accompanies this phrase.  Sure there are things one can't change, but this phrase seems to be a cop-out anymore.

My mom has adopted this phrase and that may be one of the reasons it is grating on my psyche with such pernicious insistence.  Yes, there are some things that are clearly out of her control, but in others she seems to have abdicated responsibility or accountability or something.  It is, therefore, easier to say "It is what it is."

That made me think more about the times I have used the phrase and the times I have heard others use it.  And, again, there are times there are things that are out of control and we need to just roll with whatever is happening, but "It is what it is" seems to have become a default phrase for too many situations.

As for me, well, I'm done.  It is no longer what it is.

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