Thursday, August 30

Politics: One of the most pointless games ever

I hate politics.  I can say that unequivocally and without trying to couch the word "hate" in anything resembling political correctness, a phrase, by the way, I think has become a blight on our ability to think clearly.

Politics and politicking have become a year-round event, which is one of the reasons politicians are seemingly incapable of making decisions: fear of not getting re-elected whenever that re-election campaign might be.

NOTE: In my opinion, politics is not the same as public service.  It used to be, but any more politics seems to be about gamemanship and maneuvering to get elected rather than doing any actual public good.  Not only elected public officials are guilty of politics; some of them actual want to do well by doing good.

And I am fed up with organizations that threaten candidates with dire outcomes should the candidate not toe a particular party line.  I actually laughed out loud when listening to NPR the other day when it was reported that many of the parties within the GOP simply ignore the platform planks with which they disagree.  Duh.

So a friend of mine posted a fact check site after Paul Ryan's speech at the RNC.  I know this may be shocking, but apparently the candidate dissembled and misrepresented, but I love, LOVE that the "proof" is taken out of context.  The fact check was conducted by the Annenberg Foundation, very much a family affair.  Wallis Annenberg is the boss of the Foundation, very much the well-to-do, socialite philanthropist.

My point?  I think reasonable skepticism makes sense and it's worth knowing who is not only behind the advertisements for any candidate, but knowing who is behind the fact-checking.  None of this information is presented with any kind of objectivity, and we do ourselves a disservice to think any differently.

If we're to be an informed citizenship, we have to be as completely informed as we reasonably can be.  Just because it's on the Internet doesn't mean it's true; just because it looks professional, doesn't mean it's right.

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