Sunday, August 26

USADA & Lance Armstrong: Nothing but noise

The media has piled on Lance Armstrong and has been bleating about the USADA stripping Armstrong of his Tour de France titles.  But the Tour de France is not run nor sponsored by the USADA so I don't see how the USADA can strip him of those titles.  Sure, ban him for life from that part of the sport, the one from which he's retired.  So whatever the USADA has claimed to have done is meaningless and, therefore, seems that much more spiteful.

Meanwhile, the International Cycling Union had been waiting to make any comment, and there has been nary a peep from the Tour de France people: sponsors, partners, anyone.

Something of passing interest is a quote in this August 24 ESPN article: "USADA reacted quickly and treated Armstrong's decision as an admission of guilt, hanging the label of drug cheat on an athlete who was a hero to thousands for overcoming life-threatening testicular cancer and for his foundation's support for cancer research."  How do I read between those lines?  Some jumped-up, self-righteous biking prigs, ignoring how long Armstrong has been fighting these allegations that seem to made up of jealous rivalry, people who feel left out of Armstrong's halo effect glory, and other pompous indignation, claimed vindication and victory that is not only hollow, but undermines an organization that could have been viewed as both valued and valuable, which is seemingly neither.

BTW, the International Cycling Union has made a statement that is a non-statement, themselves seemingly weary of what could be viewed as a witch hunt.  That statement garnered little attention because it's less interesting than trying to shred someone's reputation.

What's also not big news for the media but telling news is that donations for Armstrong's donation have not faltered.  In fact, "The Livestrong foundation's CEO, Doug Ulman, told ESPN on Friday night that unsolicited donations were up almost 25 times as compared to Thursday."

So to the USADA and its so-called big news, "Meh."

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