Thursday, May 23

Tested by a taxi driver

It was spectacularly windy this morning in the Windy City and I was grateful to get a taxi to head to UIC for my presentation about Common Core.

The driver was an amiable fellow and we chatted about his educational plans. He is from Ghana and has a bachelor's degree in finance. He's hoping to get a Master's in MIS because he believes that will offer him better opportunities.

When we got to my destination, I asked for a receipt. He offered me a dozen. I smiled and declined his offer saying "I need only one." He gave me a big smile and handed me two and told me I might need the extra in case I made a mistake.

And then I wished him well on his educational endeavors and said I hoped he was able to achieve his goals. He smiled again and said, "I hoped you would say that. You'd be surprised how many people take as many receipts as I will give them and say nothing to me about our conversation. Too many selfish people. Too many dishonest people."

It was a good "test" and a good reminder, but saddens because being honest and being nice really aren't that hard. Or shouldn't be.

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