Friday, May 16

"But I want more." Really?

This sentence has been banging around in my head for a couple of days. It doesn't matter who said it and the tone of voice doesn't really matter either, although it was kind of a whine.

"But I want more."

But. This word introduces an contrast or an objection. When I talk about writing an argument paper, I remind writers to think about the "Yes, but. . . " readers are inevitably thinking. Starting a sentence or thought with the word "but" is a strong objection or contrast and says, "I might have heard what you just said and I'm not really listening because I hope to change your mind or convince you otherwise."

I. This first person personal pronoun is easy and says "It really is all about me."

Want. A friend of mine once said something about not needing to buy more shoes. I joked with her that when it comes to shoes, "need" has nothing to do with it. I'm certainly not the first to note that "need" and "want" are not the same thing. Want, however, is an interesting word in that it can mean a desire for something or a lack or deficiency of something. In this case, the usage is the first meaning of a desire for something.

More. "I've had some and I feel or believe it's not enough."

A friend of mine borders on the ascetic. She makes choices about how much and what. The reason doesn't matter because she's always been like that. She has a clear sense of enough being enough. Because of her, I've found myself thinking differently about what I want and what I need.

Sure, I could have one more of whatever because I'd like to have it, but do I really need it? There are times I can justify another of something for business or other reasons, but I do have to be careful that I'm not lying to myself.This is not a matter of counting calories or carbs if the whatever is food. Do I really need another pair of shoes? No. Do I really need another gadget? No.

I've found that I'm starting to enjoy challenging myself to the want vs. need discussion. Sometimes I tell myself that I don't care, and there are times I insist on the "more" and find I don't really enjoy it.

So maybe I think I want more, but maybe not.

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