Monday, June 8

Game of Thrones: A Perspective

My most important disclaimer: I've not read the books. I started to but, quite honestly, it's a big series and I really didn't want to be disappointed if I loved the books and the show didn't emphasize whatever I thought was important.

I've been following the online outrage when something doesn't follow the books, though I find it absurd to think that everything in each of those books could possibly be included in the show. Peter Jackson had to make choices with The Fellowship of the Rings and subsequent films. It's not as though the Game of Thrones showrunners have that much more time.

But I have to say that the whole Ramsay/Sansa marriage consummation scene was much ado about nothing. It was tastefully filmed and it should have come as no surprise that Ramsay would not make love to his new bride. It came as know surprise that he wanted to show off in front of Theon, to make them both suffer. Although why the camera spent so much time on Theon made no sense. Maybe it's because his suffering continues at multiple levels?

The most recent episode of Game of Thrones was, in my opinion, even more ado about nothing. I was more disturbed by what's-his-face insisting on a young girl than some of the other stuff, which was blandly predictable. Sure the Sons of Harpy was a smidge of surprise, but not really. That Dany reunited with Drogon was nice, but that whole arena segment was underwhelming. We got to see that Dany still loves Jorah, that Daario is a wise ass, that Tyrion can hold his own, that the Unsullied are apparently less daunting that we were led to believe. But we knew at least one of the dragons had to show up some time, so that was as good a time as any because we know that Dany has to demonstrate her leadership, especially now that she has Tyrion to advice her.

People were upset with the sacrifice scene. Why? We knew that was coming a few episodes ago. The whole Stubborn Stannis plot line has worn thin. I no longer care. I think he's a dolt. I'm not sure what I was supposed to think he was feeling during the burning of his only child, but he didn't seem to be feeling much of anything. He bores me. I find nothing compelling about him. He seems more an annoyance and diversion to any meaningful action that anything important.

Jon Snow. He is a nice guy and I'm intrigued to see what might happen with the Ghost Walkers now that we've seen the rather terrifying results of losing a lot of one's army to them.

What I like about Game of Thrones is there are no clear-cut "good" guys. There are very flawed people who are trying to do the right thing most of the time, but who still have their own agendas.

What I don't like about Game of Thrones is the multiple plot lines because none of them can be treated with any degree of depth or focus. But because I haven't read the books, I don't know how well Martin interleaved or handled the multiple plot lines.

I agree with Jen Trolio ( that it just seems as though Benioff and Weiss are checking off plot points to get to the finale. My fear is that the finale is going to be chock full of all sorts that it will be underwhelmingly mediocre. But I'll watch it, and then I'll decide if I'm going to stick with the show which may have already jumped its ghost walker shark.

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