Monday, April 11

Some hotel pet peeves: A letter to hotel people

Dear Hotel People—

I travel a lot, mostly as a business traveler and usually on someone else’s quarter so I have to be mindful of expenses. And so, just a few (of many) observations across brands of hotels, though I readily admit I stay mostly at Hilton or Marriott properties.

  • Do not put the coffee pot in the bathroom. That’s just disgusting. We already know there is fecal matter pretty much everywhere. That’s a fact of life. Sorry germophobes, but it is a reality. But why compound the amount of fecal matter in my coffee but leaving the coffee pot in the bathroom?  
  • Lotion matters. I do appreciate the small bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I love not having to schlep that stuff around anymore. But I do miss lotion when it’s not part of the amenities. 
  • Hung towels mean don’t change them. Hotels love to promote their Earth first movements with notifications about hanging up towels if guests plan to reuse them. I know hotels do loads and loads of laundry every day because every day numbers of guests check out so those sheets and towels must be watched. I’d be interested to know by how much laundry loads and water usage might be reduced by hotel housekeeping staffs respecting my wish to reuse my towels. The only way I can be sure hotel housekeeping does not change my towels every day is by putting the “do not disturb” sign on my door so I get no service that day. I’m okay with an unmade bed or not having the trash emptied, but it’s absurd I have to prevent housekeeping from doing its job so they respect their own hotel’s policy.
  • People actually use the desk. I don’t know how many business or leisure travelers use the desk in their hotel rooms. It might be interesting and helpful to know that because I do NOT understand why the logistics of so many rooms is such that one side of my head must be excessively heated or cooled because the desk is right next to air conditioner/heater.
  • People actually use the iron and ironing board. It happens a little less often, but on numerous occasions I’ve gotten irons with gunk on the bottom. I’ve gotten into the habit of checking the iron, even by ironing a wash cloth, to make sure I’m not going to get anything on my clothes. As for the ironing board, wow, next to the shampoo and conditioner (and lotion) there might need to be a small container of WD-40 for the number of times I’ve had ironing boards that shriek when opened. Or there is the board that has been handled badly and has something broken or bent so the thing wobbles. Or a bad ironing board cover so my clothes could have the little holes from the ironing board if I didn’t use a towel. I can’t imagine it would be that difficult to check the iron and ironing board periodically to see if they need repair or replacement.
Among others:
  • Alarm clock not easy to use or alarm left on
  • Drapes/light blocking shades don't block light
  • Hard to reach or insufficient outlets 
  • Slow and/or weak internet
  • Poor bathroom design (some of us actually want to put water in the iron without flooding the bathroom)
I've no doubt my fellow travelers have their own lists, so please feel free to share.


A business traveler

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