Sunday, November 4

I voted, but. . .

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I voted. I went to my local polling place on Friday, November 2 and voted. I wanted to feel good about that when I left but I still felt anxious.

Then I made the mistake of reading the news, listening to the radio, checking my Twitter feed, and looking in on Facebook. Ah, yea, that's why I feel anxious.

And I feel anxious because the president of the country is drumming up fear about an migrant "invasion" that seems to be about 4,000 people, mostly impoverished and hungry, mostly women and children. I feel anxious because our attitude towards immigrants has become so hateful even though we are a nation of immigrants. Period. If you can trace your family tree back to the Mayflower, remember the Mayflower was a ship that brought emigrants from their home countries which meant they were immigrants to this country. Can't change that fact. Unless you full blooded NATIVE American, you are an immigrant or descended from an immigrant who came to this country by choice or by force.

I feel anxious because the voices of partisan have gotten more divisive, prodded by the Divider in Chief.

I feel anxious because I'm not convinced any change in majority in the federal government will work towards reconciliation. I feel anxious because I can't help but wonder if there will be a whole of lot "told you so" and other partisan bluster which will keep us at a standstill for another 24 months.

I feel anxious because I realize I haven't really done enough. Sure, I voted. But I also know I can write letters to my representatives, write letters to the editor, and get more involved in local politics in a variety of ways. I can't just sit back and think I've done my job just because I voted.

I feel anxious because I realize I can do more to have actual conversations with people who agree with me and who don't agree with me.

I feel anxious because hostility seems to have overtaken civility.

I don't get my news and information from a single channel, though I never watch FOX except for sports and the occasional TV show on FOX. I don't get my news and information from a single news outlet and I try to check what I see on Twitter and FB rather than respond to the intended dog whistle. But I feel anxious because too many people I know seem to rely on FB for their truth. Maybe they think those 'bots aren't targeting them. Huh. Just thought of that.

On the other hand, I feel slightly less anxious because it seems like more people are becoming more politically active and astute. I do see rationale conversations online and I'm okay when people unfriend me because I refuse to fall in line with their thinking.

I feel slightly less anxious because there are many people I know who seem to feel the same as I which may mean the pendulum will begin to swing back towards civility and kindness. Maybe. But we'll know more on Wednesday, November 7.

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