Wednesday, January 1

This is. . . 2020

You've seen the Barbara Walters montage of "This is 2020" as she introduced the TV show 20/20. And you've been deluged, as have I, with the various collections reflecting on all the good, bad, and ugly of 2019--that which we should have seen, done, or eaten and that which we did well to miss. You've read and heard about peoples' resolutions.

For me, the day dawned with clear skies and a shining sun, which was especially nice after days of winter dreariness. I'm grateful for a new day and that the turn of the page on a calendar, the change of digits at the end of a year, can mark a new and fresh beginning.

January 1 always feels like a reset.

I marked the day with some errands, but also a lovely, long walk in the glorious sunshine, the air crisp and cold. Other than a few other intrepid souls, there was little noise other than the crunch of snow under my boots and the occasional call of geese as they flew overhead. It was a good start to the day and to the year.

Like some others, I resist resolutions because I know how easy it is to fall short within, I don't know, maybe 48 hours? That could be generous. But this year I've opted for a few resolutions and not just because I think I can keep them. I've chosen these three because I think three is manageable and because I believe I'll be a better person if I can have any success with these.


  • I hereby resolve to be as kind as I can as often as I can. I'm not talking about being some sop or milquetoast, but a genuinely thoughtful and kind person.
  • I hereby resolve to do my best with whatever I undertake and to try not to undertake more than I can manage. I can assure the second part of that one will be harder than the first.
  • I hereby resolve to be more conscientiously attuned to God. That one likely speaks for itself.
There is a lot of ugliness in the world and all kinds of ugliness. I won't ignore them, but I won't let them consume me. I won't make that a resolution because I know how hard it is to resist railing against indifference and ignorance as well as flat out, outright stupidity and ugly, violent, and cruel behaviors. But that means leaning more on my first resolution of being kind and making whatever difference and impact I can in my small spheres of influence.

So perhaps I have a fourth resolution and that is to resolve to be aware of and informed about the chaos but not to let the chaos overwhelm me. And if feels as though it's starting to overwhelm me and starts to grip and wither and blacken my soul, I'll go for a walk and rejoice in fresh air and God's beautiful creation.

And so the adventure of 2020 begins. Yes, this is. . .2020.

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